Black Connector

Pin NumberWire ColourFunctionNotes
7Red/GreyLocator Lighting/Backlight12V = On
11Black/Red/WhiteFuel Level RightResistance to 12. 500Ω = Full, 100Ω = Empty
12Brown/Black/WhiteFuel Level Right GND
13Brown/GreenOil PressureGND = Red Oil Light
15Black/Red/YellowFuel Level LeftResistance to 16. 500Ω = Full, 100Ω = Empty
16Brown/Black/YellowFuel Level Left GND
17White/GreenOil Level
19Green/YellowWheel SpeedPull to GND, Wheel RPM = Hz - Based on 30" wheel size. 1MPH=10.843RPM/Hz
21Brown/VioletAirbag Warning LEDGND = On
22Grey/Black/YellowABS Warning LEDGND = On
23Yellow/Brown/BlueParking BrakeGND = On
24YellowBrake Pad WearGND = OK - Takes a while to reset
26Brown/WhiteCoolant LevelGND = OK, Resets only after power cycle

White Connector

Pin NumberWire ColourFunctionNotes
4Brown/GreenWasher Fluid LevelGND = Turns off warning
5Blue/YellowCruise control LEDGND = On - Available on CAN